Together with you we develop strategies tailored to your needs. In addition to our insights into the political work of European institutions, offer you our personal networks to important decision-makers and to the frequently more important working level. In the defined context, we monitor relevant legislative processes for you and enable you to quickly access information and relevant contacts.

1. Analysis

Either you use us as an early warning system, by performing a systematic monitoring of European policy projects for you or you tell us your problem and we analyze for you the related political and administrative projects. This includes capturing the current situation by evaluating planned policies or legislation, as well as reviewing the associated designs.

2. Strategy

Following the roadmap for the implementation of the planned policies or legislation, we will work with you to develop the right strategy for you. This serves the purpose of individual positioning and contains various instruments that will enable you to incorporate your interests in the decision-making processes and communication processes of the political decision-makers.

3. Implementation

In the implementation phase, active involvement in the political discussion begins. Instruments in this phase can, for. For example:

  • Participation in public consultation procedures
  • Writing public statements
  • Participation in political discussions and hearings
  • Own events (such as bilateral meetings with decision-makers, roundtable discussions, parliamentary evenings ...)
  • Discussions with the decision makers involve



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